Mikhail Gorevoy

Now I dare tell you something about my childhood and why I`d like to share such kind of information with you right now. I do remember my early years, when I was a punk. We didn`t have many opportunities at that time. We`re waiting for watching film-strips and cartoons for a week… They were puppet animations and they lasted only for 15 minutes. So, like many Soviet children, I had the vinyl records of audio-performances. My mum bought them to me.

For me those records were something intimate. «Treasure Island»! I listened to it, when nobody`s at home. I was imagining my own ship and choosing an actor to play captain Silver role. I could remember the whole parts, and it`s very exciting, very astonishing. I still remember the voices, cues, fragments: “Ah! It`s a pity, I haven`t put out his eyes! Thattorus!” They were my absolutely unconscious movements towards my future profession.

I just lived and lived and I wasn`t going to become an actor. Like my father, I wanted to become a senior officer. Having finished his service in the General headquarters of the Soviet Army, my father`s a real Colonel. My father is a real officer. He didn`t force soldiers to build cottages and he didn`t have any profits during his military life. He`s a complicated difficult person, but incredibly talented. Thank goodness, he`s still alive and healthy; he`s been engaging in farm-labouring in Suzdal province. Being a peasant, he reads God-pleasing books and writes the theological treatises.

Михаил Горевой

So the fortune wanted to send me a military career, but there`s a sudden reversal of fortune. I was going to study in the 9-th grade and then to enter the Suvorov military school. At that time I was going in for boxing and had a serious injury, which didn`t allow me to serve in the Army.

I was taken to the hospital and went on reading jag, all sorts of books. I`d never read before. Frankly speaking, I began to live consciously after that strong shock, that serious injury. I began to read, read, and read. My firsterotic emotional experiences were really connected with those books (excluding the deepest feelings, from my kindergarten time). When I was in the hospital ward I read "Thais of Athens", which forced me, a teenager, to dream up; I felt the incredible emotions, my spirit and my human flesh were so stimulated!

Then, when I kept well, my mother bought a theatre ticket for me. I still remember that the most essential event for me. It was the Theatre of Variety Miniatures, now - the Hermitage theatre. I saw “The Melody of Warsaw”. I saw it without anyone. I was infected by that theatre magic spirit. It was my fate and I began dreaming about theatre. And at present it`s my favorite bacillus, chronic illness, but I`m not going to be treated, I don`t need it. It`s my passion. I realized suddenly I wanted to become an actor. I experienced so many life events, which helped me to become firmly convinced, though it was very painfully. But Nietzsche`s right: all tragic events,what does not kill us, makes us stronger. People need such kinds of event to continue living.

Михаил Горевой

Afterwards I kept theatrical terms at the “Dom Kino ” (“Cinema House”) to be ready to enter the Drama Institute. There were 4 drama Institutes and a cinematographic one. I was trying to pass a test at the 4 drama Institutes. I passed a test to be admitted to have the major creative exam in all 4. Where should I go? MKhAT, Drama Institute named after B.Shchukin (Shchuka), Shchepkin Theatre School and GITIS. Of course, I couldn`t enter all 4 Institutes that`s why I had to choose. That creative exam was organized on the same day at all the Institutes, if I`m not mistaken, on June, 6-th. There`s one set of documents, the same day exam… I had to make a very serious decision.

I was eager to enter the Drama Institute, I was eager to become an actor, and, from my and from the universal point of view at that time, I chose the weakest Institute. It seemed to me, it`s easier to enter there. But I got scared and failed the most important exam. I got “D”, “poor”, for my essay. I got cold feet. I went to enter the wrong Institute forme. It seemed to me, it`s easier to enter there.

Михаил Горевой

There`s one more reversal of fortune. I went to the theatre to be hired. It didn`t matter what position I could have. There`s only one vacancy – a person in charge of lighting effects . At the age of 17 I became a person in charge of lighting effects at the MKhAT. And it wasn`t a fortuity. I worked as a person in charge of lighting effects for 9 months, so I could cognize the theatre from the hold to the fly loft.

I learned different professions, I managed not only to illuminate, direct the flashlights, do them wider, but I could hammer nails, put stage sets… I had the opportunity to learn the theatre interior, its inside. But one much more essential thing I could see the Grand masters stage rehearsals; I saw with my own eyes Efros, Efremov, I felt free to watch Smoktunovskiy, Evstigneev, Nevinnyi working. Later I was lucky to work with them together. For me all those great masters from the MKhAT were like Gods. We didn`t have any computers, video machines in the past, we had cinema and theatre only. Theatre was the Great Cham of us.

The following year I entered the MKhAT, I had the opportunity to be tought by Viktor KarlovichMonyukov – great teacher. Unfortunately, he died not bringing our course to the end. It was my first shock, my private tragedy. My next master was Vladimir Nikolayevich Bogomolov, the Honored artist of the Soviet Union. I owe everything to this man, everything what I know and what I can. I owe him, the Lord, my dad and my mum.

Михаил Горевой

My study passed brightly and fiercely. My fellow students were as we called them, children different nations. Among other students riff-raff like me, there were such students as Masha Yevstigneyeva, and Sasha Tabakova, Nikita Vysotsky, and Slavka Nevinny - my dear friend.

And on the second year of our study Mikhail Olegovich Efremov- our common problem, joined us. Since then he became the closest friend of mine, the biggest stirrer-up of trouble whom you love and hate at the same time, the person whom I’ve lived all my further life alongside with and who will be, of course, one of the first to be presented this book.

And here under Mikhail's leadership we began to live very brightly and fiercely, bulling much. No, I always studied well and with pleasure both at school, and at institute, but my behavior always left much to be desired.

The Sovremennik-2 theater was formed of our course, which caused a sensation at that time. We were a political theater and acted brightly. We graduated in 1987th, and it was the time of changes and reformation, so called “perestroika”. Then - Yeltsin era came…

At that time I got to know with the audiobook and the story is the following. Here nearby, on Kachalov Street, there is a big gray building - the former House of Broadcasting and the Sound recording of Gosteleradio of the USSR (GDRZ). And so I don't remember the details, but I was invited by the active director Shvedov to participate in an audioperformance.

And I was interested in everything so I grasped any task. I was like that snowplow, the hippopotamus ... Do you remember? Why does Winnie-the-Pooh envy a hippo?! Because it has a huge chap. So this chap takes much ... And so I was like that hippopotamus, grabbing everything as I wanted to learn and to have so much.

Михаил Горевой

And now, looking back at my life, being a bit under 50 years old, I clearly understand that there is a kind of force, you can call it as you like: providence, god, destiny, angel behind your back that leads you. We all have our destiny and came to this world with our own purposes to fulfill for the mankind benefit all together, I hope, and in order to create new historical events at the level of our abilities and place in life.



Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, 1968

"The only man the woman is able to forgive everything is her son...."
Worldly wisdom

- Once upon a time there lived an old man and an old woman by the blue-blue sea. The old man caught a fish in his seine, and the old woman baked pancakes for him......
- She didn't bake pancakes, but spun the yarn, granny!!!!! - Misha strictly spoke being half asleep.
The old great-grandmother, Aleksandra Sidorovna palming the child on the head with her soft, wrinkled hand and kept saying: " It’s already late, fall asleep, Mishenka,!" Due to efforts of the great-grandmother and the father, young major, Vitaly Petrovich, Misha learned by heart Russian fairy tales and, also written by Pushkin long ago.

Михаил Горевой в детстве

Misha was brought up at home until he was 3 years old and when, at last, he was sent to kindergarten, on 2nd Peschany Lane of Moskovsky district. The Falcon (Sokol) heard a joyful cry of the child - "Children! I’m coming to you, children!". Natural curiosity, passion and irrepressible energy found the way out, and everyone around experienced his power. Any morning matinee wasn’t hold without Misha's participation: he acted either in a role of Petrushki or, the leader of Highwaymen (Razboynikov) who was the leader of the children's local companies, the excellent story-teller, Misha plunged into the world surrounding him, and this understanding often gave rise to questions and doubts about of his own existence on Earth.

Михаил Горевой в детстве

The last three days the child was strongly depressed and upset, refused listening fairy tales, ate badly, nevertheless persistently kept silent when asked by his grandmother and father. He only silently cried in the evening, being afraid to fall asleep. At last, his mother Lyudmila Solomonovna failed to bear such child’s behavior and called her son in question:
- Sonny, what happened, you aren’t ok, why are you afraid of falling asleep for a few last evenings?
- Mammy, I am afraid to fall asleep and not to wake up once.
- Why shouldn't you wake up?
- On Monday morning, when there was a nap time in the kindergarten, I was naughty a bit, and our nursery school teacher, Zoya Sergeyevna, punished me by putting me in the corner at a window. While standing there I saw people taking out the person in a box from the church which is opposite our windows, and he didn't move, he seemed to sleep, but he couldn't wake up, everyone was crying, women were in black, and there was a piece of paper fluttered on a forehead of the strange man, then the box was covered and carried away. Now I am afraid to fall asleep and not to wake up... What was it mommy?
- Misha it happens, you saw a funeral of the person, understand, everything has its finish in this world, all living beings are born, live and die, it is a cycle, a nature of life, it is necessary to take it as it is, but take care of yourself, keep it in mind, fall asleep, my sweetheart....

Михаил Горевой в детстве

Once in the kindergarten Sashka Gorbunov cried out to Misha: "Actor! You are an Actor!". On the way home, in a trolleybus, feeling himself happy a "young talent" was singing a song "In the field a Birch stood...", in a thin voice and people applauded him. The Moscow public that was coming back after their working shifts was fascinated by the blond boy in a red coat who dared spouting songs and poetry to everybody’s delight.

Виталий Горевой

So the time passed, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. How often in the childhood we want to grow up sooner and become adults, to choose a profession and start having an adult life, without realizing that the happiness of the childhood, taste of sweet cherry in Zaporozhye, children's secrets with the brother Modest, hot rough tongues of Twig and Bax dogs, the black cock tethered to its leg, a smell of neighbour girl’s lips, all that would never happen to us again.....

Михаил Горевой с родителями

Gorevoy Mitya
Gorevoy Mitya

On the19th anniversary of the son, Mikhail Gorevoy spoke the main toast:
"Try, my Son Dmitry to live up to the following principle - don't lie and don't steal!" (The censorship: the original toast sounds in a different way!)

Дмитрий Горевой

My first childhood recollection is when my parents and I live in America on an ocean coast in the high - high house. Perhaps, it was not such huge, but it seemed incredibly giant to me at that time. One night a real bat flew in through a window. I was small and adored a Batman character. Having vividly imagined that Batman was on a visit, I rushed to my parents’ bedroom as I got frightened much. My father had the other opinion on that and took it in his own way. Having put on leather boots and having taken a bat, he set off to defend my mother and me from the uninvited guest’s invasion...

Дмитрий Горевой

Having returned to Moscow after living in the States, my parents plunged into their work, and my grandparents brought me up until I was 11. At our country house I remember frequent parents’ get-togethers with numerous friends of the family among whom there were my parents in God Dmitry Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova, also Mikhail Efremov, Garik Sukachyov, Sergej Wexler, Alexey Serebryakov, Oleg Chilap and many others came to visit us and have good time together. I was the only child in their party, and I always got load of attention. Adults argued and sang songs till the early hours and I, being a creative child, always stayed up late with them. When I was a child I had an idea that I would never sing songs of parents’ time in my adulthood, however years passed, I’ve grown up and, to my astonishment, I started singing that very songs with my friends.

By my awkward age parents had already lived separately and I occasionally lived together with my mother or stayed at the father’s place. Those days I felt freedom and was on my own but my father attempted to control me up to a reasonable level.

Дмитрий Горевой

Years went by, and now my father and I are good friends, but, still there are some subjects that I will never discuss with him. Job is the main open field for discussions and disputes. We don't like to have a long rest and 3-4 days are quite enough to feel good, otherwise it’s just a hell and we urgently need to start working again! We are like drug abusers, suffer from job addiction. My father cannot live without his job. He becomes aggressive, nervous, full of negative energy and can push a person or situation to a limit, and later on goes on as if nothing happened.

Дмитрий Горевой

To say the truth, my father, being engaged in creativity, not always devoted much time to our family. And today he returned to the point he tried to escape before. He has a house in Moscow area, a little daughter, and that makes him happy. It is the main thing in our lives! Despite this if asked, whether I want to have the same family life model as my father does, I will answer that certainly not. There is my own vision of what the family is and I hope to have one soon.

Дмитрий Горевой

Darya Gorevaya

To be the Adult daughter’s father....

In the childhood I seldom saw my father therefore I waited for every our meeting reverently. My early childhood was on the years Mikhail Vitalyevich spent in America. We first met when I was about 8... I remember long letters full of cordial words which my father sent from America. This country became special for him, probably, due to particular feeling of freedom which distinguishes this country from all the others. My father has always narrated in details about everything happened to him, and those letters were "interpreted" into children's language, so they were very clear and close to me and, that was the beauty of them.

My father enclosed photos to his letters where he appeared to be the real hero: handsome foreigner, so distant and my very own at the same time. I was sick for him very much, I felt lack of his attention and love, my child's soul didn't understand why we could not be together. In the late nineties when my father returned to Russia our meetings got a regular basic, we mostly saw each other on the birthdays and family holiday events. My father took Mitya with him, we played the fool together, it was a real happiness.

The teenage age time was not easy for me, and the problem of generation gap didn’t pass me by, there were quarrels, but the truth was sprout in those arguments. The father didn't approve my decision to enter the Moscow Art Theatre school studio. Probably he was right, saying that it is a very difficult profession which doesn’t accept everyone. Now I’ve changed a profession, it’s not related to media sphere. My priority is a family, with its sincere relations therefore choosing a husband I eagered to have warmth, understanding, feeling of female happiness and the need to have the man, that is essential for every woman. I didn’t look for the man alike my father, it was vice a versa. My father has always been fully absorbed in his profession, his "payment for the entrance ticket" - relation with the family and close people, his life is devoted to the theater, tours, cinema... It’s hard for women to be with him, and he experiences the same. Only in recent years he has become closer to the family and tries to unite us. People say that daughters look for the same traits in their husbands as their fathers have, but not me. In fact, I am not the daddy's daughter, Mitya is likely to be the daddy's son as they are in the same party share the same interests and have the same way of thinking.

Now I often visit my father in his country house, we have so-called family days when all of us sit at a big table, my father with a glass in his hand thanks us for coming, and the family sit-round gathering begins. He gets angry if someone can't arrive or is late.

I keep watching my father’s job, everything he does is special, nothing to be compared with. My favourite performance is "The Limit", I watched this staging very many times, and every time I opened some new sides, emotions, empathy to the events acted on a stage. "A bitter lesson" is like your mind explosion, it is a full reconsideration of life. "Photo No. 1" is a prophetical work about the new life’s birth. Some happy changes happen in our family after this genius play had been staged. My father as the kind wizard started a flywheel which is still working.... In my father’s job I prefer more theatrical works rather than his cinema roles. For me acting on the stage is like a small life which the actor experiences in his own way, making the audience sympathize, empathize, cry, laugh, and reconsider their own lives...

My father is constantly vigorous, he is just like "clockwork orange", in this way he is similar to my beloved grandmother Lyudmila Solomonovna. He runs, flies, drives, shouts on the phone: “Are you ok? Then I’l call back later, my dear!" He gets sad only if there is no work, then look out and keep out of his way .... Our relations aren't ideal, but I am grateful to my father for being close to me in all important moments of my life. At the wedding he armed me to my husband, I felt incredibly happy and spiritually, and Sashenka's birth became a huge happiness for our family. My father has lately become to spend more time at home, paying attention to his granddaughter, and it pleases me. I’d love Sashenka to absorb emotions of her genius grandfather, that can contribute in creating her future view of life. I can’t say that I agree with everything my father does and says, but I never criticize him as I know, he knows himself very well and is aware of what is right and what is wrong.

My father is very strong and willed man, nothing could break him. He lives for his profession, he is "ill" with his job in the best sense of the word. I know that in any difficult situation I can always rely on him. Father!!! I love you very much!

Fomin Oleg Borisovich
close friend

It’s hard to live
It is easier to play the role!
O. B. Fomin

We got acquainted with Misha in the beginning of the 90th while he was working in the theatrical project Sovremennik-2, then he went to the States and we didn’t keep in touch for some time. We met again in 1996 when Misha returned from abroad. He arrived being impressed by the American movie industry, with new creative ideas which found the reflection in the theatrical projects. We started to communicate, closely cooperated in the same creative projects, visited each other’s performances, watched and discussed my "Game in Zhmuriki", "Kaligula" by Mishinykh, "People and Mice", "To the Hell", "Waiting room" acting. Frequent and regular meetings in the Cinema club where at that time Misha's wife Ania Margolis worked as the art director, gave the soil for a joint film creative work.

Олег Фомим

Since 2000th there have been a lot of collaborations which we continue to be engaged in up to now. There are many movies where I am a director, Misha Gorevoy plays the roles. Here are just a few of them: "NEXT-3", "KGB in a dinner-jacket", "Misters officers: rescue the emperor", "The best movie-2", "the Cop-2", there are two more new projects, but it’s a secret for general public so far.

There have been lots of funny stories which has happened to us for years of our friendship and co-authorship. When I invited Misha to the project Bachelors, he was totally against playing the Funnel role, because of nonconventional sexual orientation of the movie character, what was to do? So I at 2 a m I went to Misha’s place, persuading him that the good actor has to be able to play any role. Eventually Misha agreed, and doesn’t regret about it.

Олег Фомим

We have a fine joint theatrical project which has successfully been on the stage for many years both in Russia and abroad. It is the performance "A Bitter Lesson". This project is difficult and ambiguous, very modern and challenging for the present generation. In this performance Misha plays the role of the director. Being very emotional by nature, he might be at the correct loss for words for actors and at rehearsals I often had to be a kind of an interpreter for the acting company. I am a Gorevoy’s interpreter. It’s easier for both of us to show how it is necessary to act rather than to explain what to do. Actually, we have the same blood type in such overall meaning of this matter, we understand each other very well, we easily get on well.

I don't remember any serious quarrel, we might argue but it’s never a quarrel, Misha is the real gentleman and the great actor who can cry and love both in life, and on the stage. If some emotional frustration occurs, the only way out is to take Misha as a kitten, and sweep him along with the work. Shooting a film, he is able to do an incredible number of doubles until he gets the best one, so it’s a pleasure to deal with him.

Олег Фомим

I consider, Misha is lucky, despite his surname etymology. If he stayed to work and live in the States, I am not sure that his career would develop as successfully as it is here in the homeland. Everything happens in time, he deserves all pennies of the heaven which he has received, even if it seldom happens. The recent Stephen Spielberg’s project also found the right time to appear. I don't think that, let’s say, 10 years ago, Misha was able to show what he does nowadays.

All Misha’s forte are, at the same time, his weak sides, yes, indeed. He is sincere therefore is quick to be offended, he is frank for the world and people. He is afraid to be betrayed, and the respective to have a permanent passport frightens him very much. What is more, he doesn't like to deal with the weapon, doesn't bear this idea at all. I remember, on shooting the film "Misters officers. To rescue the Emperor" I gave him the revolver and told him to train to handle with it at home, and I got a flat refusal.

Having a rest is not about us. If there is some spare time, we spend it in the nature cooking and watching an edited film.

Igor’ Sukachov

Ours acquaintance was quite usual, but unforgettable for me. We don’t quarrel because we very seldom see each other, more often it occurs spontaneously, on the spot. Mishka has one weakness that I really like as he so pathetically thanks people for giving him presents and words of congratulation, etc. We usually have the same rest as it was on his anniversary. Each meeting with him is a great occasion! You know, we didn't happen to dream together. I don't want to guess "WHAT HE COULD BECOME???", Mishanya found himself and this the main thing!

I wish Mikhail Vitalyevich sounds as the bell, achievements in his creativity and of course to be successful at work and progressive in sport! Hurrah, to Mikhail Gorevoy!!!

Moscow, Khamovniki, 2005

Fleas, friends and lovers even
Are cruel if they are in love with us.
And if you’re loved – look out
Beloved are usually bitten, and even settled hash.
Guillaume Apollinaire

Misha was in a drunken semiconsciousness, old dream was running through his head which has been tormenting him since the childhood. He, the born lefthander, is being re-taught to use the right hand, he feels so bad, it’s so awkward, he doesn't want to, the blows strike one after another onto his right hand, dull paint spreads, and he shouts ….

The world failed like a flash. He thought, it can’t be so painfully twice, but it occurs it can. Masha … How is that?! Pasha, tell me why? Questions without answer choked, the bitterness burned the soul and the heart with red-hot iron, he ceased to feel … In a week there is a "Where Kolobok escaped" premier performance he was fully devoted to, which he loved as own child, which he conceived together with Natasha Shaposhnikova, which he carried out and wanted to bring into life together with the beloved and the friend whom made no doubts in him any minute.… The destiny played its role – to cut at the back, quickly and professionally as the skillful killer, having left without the leading actors a week before the premiere.

Evil, temptation, pain filled the modern world up to the brim, the person choked, having lost his soul, having gone blind and deaf … But, as the inscription on the Tsar of Solomon ring says, Everything passes. And it will ….

Misha managed to pull himself together, and there was everything: a bright premiere, a success, flowers, admirers, Katya Volkova, thank you to stay alive!

Moscow, Shchukinskaya, 1972

We all meandered through our schooling
haphazard; so, to God be thanks,
it's easy, without too much fooling,
to pass for cultured in our ranks.
Eugene Onegin

One warm September noon the 34th secondary coeducational school with profound studying of English welcomed a first -form schoolboy Misha with open arms. The new milestone of life gave fresh schoolboy peculiar feelings and impressions. Misha was good at study, but the desire to do the things in contradiction to everyone, feeling of internal freedom and a glib tongue gave a ground for teachers to call in his mother Lyudmila Solomonovna to school quite often to have a serious talk …

Михаил Горевой в детстве

The first form was a cheerful time for both Mischa and his parents. At first, Misha was going to marry the neigbour Varka Alikhonyan. He asked parents to move from and give the big room at their disposal where it was quite convenient to play and make a real house of cushions. Then there was a furious fight against bad marks that his mother represented in bright images: on the heels, with the made-up lips on a firm piece of a Whatman paper, forcing the son to have more serious attitude towards his study ….

The summer of 1973 began, heart pleasantly ached looking forward to driving together with his father to Zaporozhye to stay with the grandma Nadia and the grandpa Petya. The life was careless and fine, opening the new horizons.

Being engaged in children's creative activities in the House of Pioneers on Vorobyovy Gory, Misha and his mother got acquainted with the producer’s assistant by chance, who was preparing a film shooting by to Victor Astafyev's story "Where seagulls don't fly to". She invited Misha to have a cinema testing.

Astafyev found the boy clever, blue-eyed, lop-eared and liked him very much.

Tests were successfully passed and Misha nearly got the role but then something went wrong. There was the director's idea to give the leading roles to children from orphanages whom Misha didn't resemble to at all, and so the story failed to be continued ….

Михаил Горевой в детстве

In secondary school Misha was good at inventing ideas, asking parents for either an aquarium with a small fish, or a white mouse that had lived long in the father's military coat until once the great-grandmother Aleksandra Sidorovna, having been stupefied with fear, set it free. Mostly the boy liked to visit his mother’s workplace and to take part in labor sit-round gatherings with her colleagues, voluntary Saturday clean-ups and socialist competitions. He loved to take part in ski competitions instead his mother and fascinate the mother’s chief and a group of colleagues during tea drinking into full delight asking the questions like: "Why are you sad? May be your subordinates don't obey?"

The awkward age made the generation gap much more complicated". Misha read greedily every book he could find in the home library including forbidden materials. The Soviet newspapers and magazines, television caused irritation in him as, his father, the colonel couldn’t give clear explanations on ideological ground.

Misha wrote the composition on the subject "My Favourite Character" by to Ilf and Petrov's novels. He was charmed by charismatic Ostap Bender, the main character of this novel. Misha also wanted to be such impressive, impudent, cheerful, and quick on ideas person. But the teacher of literature suggested making some corrections in his composition, taking the Hero of the Soviet Union Maresyev’s feat as an example. Misha refused to do that, and his mother prepared a composition herself for Misha not to get an unsatisfactory mark at the end of the school year. Misha only had to copy it in his notebook on the Russian literature.

This literary conflict developed into the generation gap one and got the status of a being "political". Some questions like why written and spoken ideas don’t correspond to what the real life is arose. Together with Oleg Sevostyanov and Pavlik Krylov Misha openly criticized the existing state school system. Pupils asked “hard questions", thereby having turned for teachers into real "dissidents". The school administration assailed his mother’s place work and the Ministry of Defence where his father was on service with calls. The father and the son argued themselves hoarse. Misha came to understand that he was in opposition to his father ideas, in other words he was "on the different side of the barricades".

And that time the old injury relapse made the teenager’s Suvorov Military School study entrance absolutely impossible.

Михаил Горевой в детстве

Suvorov Military School was a settled decision and prospects for the future, but the life had its own way. After a serious injury Misha got boxing, the chance to have a military career was lost forever.

1980 became historical for Moscow and Misha as well. The teenager was sad, the future was more than ever illusive, but the chance-comer ticket his mother had to Theatre of Miniatures (nowadays Hermitage Theatre) helped out. There was ‘Warsaw melody’ performance on, the young man wasn’t much enthusiastic about going to it, but the miracle occurred. Misha once and forever fall in love with the spirit of theater, and the choice of a future profession was made.

USA, Boston, 1993

Some doubts stand at our front door way,
And time of ease is left behind,
The life is making us to hit the road
And also shows it is a destiny to get apart.
Yury Rogoza

Sheremetyevo airport was full of people, the emigration stream from the former Soviet Union to the States, seemed, not to run low. People wanted to leave in search for their dream, freedom, to board the gravy train and earn more, to experience what it’s like to be abroad …."

Having passed customs control, Misha, his wife Anya, the mother-in-law and the baby son Mitya together with other compatriots slowly moved to the landing in a crowd … The plane was smoothly leading out to a runway: a take-off, an escape, a freedom and hi to a new life ….

The American life made the way to Misha’s mind thanks to Dima Hukhlayev who then worked as an American television announcer. At first there were some difficulties with work, it was necessary to feed the family, so he had to work in different places … The Moscow boy had a rough time in his overseas adulthood. Despite difficulties, Misha was obsessive to be in the profession. He was carried away by teaching system of Stanislavsky in the States, shootings in the American cinema. At that very time Mikhail got interested in John Steinbeck's story "People and Mice" and interpreted it into a "theatrical language" by creating a script. In 1996 when he returned to Russia, he brilliantly staged it at Mossoviet Theatre with Dmitry Kharatyan and Alexander Baluyev in the leading roles.

Moscow, Arbat, 1982

You didn’t know
That I was all a-smoke,
And in my life, turned wholly upside-down ,
I was in misery, downhearted, broke,
Because I didn’t see which way we were bound.
S. Yesenin
A letter to the woman
(Tr. Alec Vagapov)

To the final class Misha came not only with baggage of knowledge, but also with a clear understanding, what he wants to do after leaving school. His parents didn’t come to the prom, not to get upset.

The first attempt to pass the exams to the Moscow Art Theatre failed, as his composition wasn’t successfully done…. The whole next year Misha was studied with tutors and worked at the Moscow Art Theatre as an electro lighter, watched a lot of theatrical works, caught the spirit of the theater and reasured that it was his way, and he would become a student by all means. Thanks to Galina Aleksandrovna Hatsrevin's efforts, the scenic speech teacher, the fortress under the name of the Moscow Art Theatre was seized ….

Mischa joined Victor Pavlovich Manyukov's course, but when he was a first year student there was a tragedy. The professor suddenly died, and the second course was headed by Vladimir Nikolaevich Bogomolov, his lecture and the mentor. Misha has still had the memory of this person and says that he is much obliged to Bogomolov for everything he is able to do, knows in the profession and in acting skills as well.

The course, Misha Gorevoy studied at, was very talented, noisy and memorable — Mikhail Efremov, Sergey Shekhovtsov, Nikita Vysotsky, Slava Nevinny, Maria Evstegneeva, Gennady Markman (Vengerov), Aleksandra Tabakova — here are only a few famous actors, directors, screenwriters who are known today to the public. Student's life swirled and befuddled Misha. Half part of the group spent days and night in Gorevoy's flat on Shchukinskaya street. Being the second year student, Misha decided to live in the hostel with his friends - fellow students, but the pleasure didn’t last long, as excessively noisy student was sent to the live at home.

Having graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre with the diploma with honors, Misha and a group of friends organized the theatrical community Sovremennic-2, but constant struggle for leadership and creative oppositions made them get apart. Mikhail began trying to act in films and to work at Mayakovskogo Theater where he was given the leading roles at once … The performance "Music Lessons" became a momentous event in the life of the young actor. It was the end of a creation period, wasting time began. More than 30 performances a month turned Mischa into the workaholic, he soaked himself in a subject and his personal creativity played a secondary role. That time at a party Misha got acquainted with the charming young lady Lisa, and in 1987 a young couple became parents of their daughter Darya. Unfortunately, things with Lisa didn’t go right and the couple ended their relationship. A bit later his private life was moving rapidly. In 1988 Misha married Anna Margolis, and in 1989 their son Mitya was born.

Moscow, 1996

After returning from the USA, Moscow gets acquainted with works of the theatrical director Mikhail Gorevoy. In 1996 the performance "People and Mice" with the stage master Alexander Baluyev and "the theatrical debutant" Dmitry Kharatyan becomes a great event in the theatrical circles.

In 1999 the performance of Israel of Gorovits of "The Limit" was given "Chaika" award in the nomination "Some love more than this." Mikhail Gorevoy's work "the Last Don Juan" by Edward Radzinsky's play impressed the audience of Moscow, Odessa and other Russian cities and towns.

The creative cooperation with Natalya Shaposhnikova, gives a rise to such performances as Where Kolobok escaped, the Waiting room, Two in one.

In 2002 the 20th movie of well-known "Bondiana" came out — "Die, but not now!". Misha played a role of the Russian engineer - the inventor. After this role Gorevoy became, as he jokes, the international actor. From then he has been invited to act in England, Italy, and some Russian famous masters of a film genre shot him many times too.

Present time

Today Mikhail Gorevoy – is the actor, the director, and the lecture... He has as the world wide recognition and respect of the Audience. Working in VGIK at director's faculty brings him an incredible pleasure. He adores his students and helps them to find their place in the profession. He plays much in the films, works in the enterprise performances under his direction. He is a happy father of four children, and two grandchildren - the granddaughter Aleksandra and a grandson Mikhail. The son Mitya followed his father’s steps. In 2014 he presented the work done together with the director Stephen Spielberg and actors Tom Hanks and Jacky Chan who are leaders of the world cinema. He is preparing a premiere of the performance "Photo No. 1" by Pyotr Gladilin's play, which is already known to the audience; "Cameras" which was given the Russian Orthodox Church award in 2012. Mikhail Gorevoy takes part in charity, reads to the general public audio – books, the most significant and known of which are:" Day of the life-guardsman ", "Faithful Ruslan", "Sulamiph’", "The captain's daughter", "the Black Arrow", "Eugene Onegin", "Morphine" and many others are in that list. He claims that he is attracted by everything that is extraordinary. Theatre and Sex these are two subjects, in the global meaning of these words, that make an appeal to him in his life. He is surrounded by close friends and the most important for his are Mikhail Efremov, Oleg Fomin, Sergey Shekhovtsov, Garik Sukachyov, Dmitry Pevtsov and some other dear friends of him.