Mikhail`s been doing active movie life since 2000. He`s played more than 80 multifaceted roles. All critics claim that the most interesting and successful roles of him are, so called, «villainous roles». Since 2014 Mikhail Gorevoy has been cooperating with Steven Spielberg at the project of " The Bridge of Spies" (it`s an espionage action film at the Cold War time with drama elements)(USA), stage manager Steven Spielberg, character — Shishkin. This movie`s coming in 2015.


2015 « The Bridge of Spies»
(it`s an espionage action film at the Cold War time with drama elements) (USA), principal director Steven Spielberg, character – Shishkin

2015 «Skiptrace
(comedy action film)( Hong Kong,USA, China), principal director Renny Harlin, character — Dmitry

2015 «Meteorite
(detective, crime drama/ 8 series), principal director Alexander Daruga, character — Sazan

2015 «Moon back side-2
(drama, fantasy/ 16series ), principal director AlexanderKott, character — Nikiforov

2015 «Shine and shadow of the lighthouse
(crime drama, melodrama /series), principal directors Nataliya Mikryukova, Sergey Tereshchuk, character — Andrey Golovin

2015 «New Year`s Holidays
(comedy, melodrama ), principal director Mikhail Chernykh, роль — Father of Dimon

2015 «Cage
(family psychological thriller after F.M.Dostoevsky`s story «Gentle»), principal director Ella Arkhangelskaya, character – Efimovich

2015 «Battle march-3
(detective, criminal film/ 4series), principal director Vladimir Yankovskiy, character — Gogorin

2015 «Pointer
(melodrama/ 20 series), principal director Roman Prosvirnin, character — Morozov

2014 «Fate crossroads
(melodrama/ 12 series), principal director Artem Nasybulin, character — Melnitskiy

2014 «Tracker
(detective/ 16 series), principal director Dmitry Brusnikin, character — Denis Budrov

2014 «Pointer-2
(detective/30 series), principal director Oleg Fomin, character — State Security Major Pavlivker

2014 «Violetta from Atamanovka
(melodrama/4 series), principal director Leonid Mazor, character — Grigoriy

2014 «Superior cuisine
(melodrama/television film/2 series),principal director VladNikolaev, character — Yudin

2014 «Cold dish
(detective/melodrama), principal director Vladimir Nakhabtsev, character — Demin

2014 «DoctorDeath
(detective/ 4 series), principal director AlexanderNazarov, character — Kirill Tyulpanov

2014 «City of secrets
(fantasy-serial, screen version of the novels by V.Panov), principal director Alexander Mokhov, character — Nytik

2014 «Widows
(detective, melodrama / 16 series), principal director Oleg Safaraliev, character — Sergey

2014 «Speak of the devil
(fantastic comedy), principal director Evgeniy Abyzov, character — Boris

2014 «Champions
(sports drama), short story «Biathlon», principal director Aleksey Vakulov, character — Coach 2

2014 «Only girls in sport
(youth, sports comedy), principal director Evgeniy Nevskiy, character — managing director

2013 «Fortress Ross: adventure searching
(adventure film), principal director Yuriy Moroz, character — Captain of thepirates

2013 «The Teacher in Law.Coming back
(action film, drama, criminal film/32 series), principal director Sergey Vinogradov, Rustam Urazaev, leading role — Arnold Vitalyevich Verner, «Circus actor»

2013 «Kittens need a good home
(lyrical comedy),principal director Alexander Barshak, character–Nitkin

2013 «Curious Varvara» («Любопытная Варвара»)
(comedy detective), principal director Alexander Kirienko, character – Maks Fedorchenko

2013 «Shell-shocked» («Контуженный»)
(lyrical comedy /4 series), principal director VladimirZaykin, character – Kocherevskiy

2012 «Nightingale the Robber» («Соловей-разбойник»)
(ruthless comedy), principal director Egor Baranov, character – Polya Grek

2012 «Bone-setter» («Костоправ»)
(melodrama/24 series), principal directors Vasiliy Chiginskiy, Vladimir Melnichenko, character – Pyotr Evgrafovich Stasov, «Vampire»

2012 «Mothers» («Мамы»)
(lyrical comedy), story «I am not Kolya», principal director Karen Oganesyan, character – Svintsov

2012 «Pointer» («Легавый»)
(detective/24 series), principal director Rustam Urazaev, character — State Security Major Pavlivker

2012 «Investigator Nikitin`s Case» («Дело следователя Никитина»)
(detective/8 series), principal directors Valeriy Uskov, Vladimir Krasnopolskiy, character – Pinchuk

2012 «Broody hens» («Клуши»)
(comedy, melodrama/ 2 series),principal director Alexander Kott, leading character — Kirill , bridegroom

2011 «Fivebrides` brides»(«Пять невест»)
(comedy), principal director Karen Oganesyan, character – Kuzichev, political instructor

2011 «Diamondbusters» («Охотники за бриллиантами»)
(psychological detective/8 series), ), principal director Alexander Kott, character — Korneev, police Colonel

2010 «Manna from heaven» («Манна небесная»)
(comedymelodrama/ 8 series), principal directors Vladimir Krasnopolskiy, Valeriy Uskov, character – «Dyudya», carrier

2010 «Battle with shade 3: latest round» («Бой с тенью3: Последний раунд»)
(action film), principal director Aleksey Sidorov, character - Michael

2010 «Latest minute. Casting» («Последняя минута. Кастинг»)
(drama, comedy, thriller), principal director Alexander Kirienko, character – Shulyak

2010 «Flowers from Liza» («Цветы от Лизы»)
(after the play «Pygmalion» by B. Show), principal director Andrey Selivanov, character - Savva

2009 «Angelica» («Анжелика»)
(melodrama/12 series), principal director Roman Prosvirnin, character - Boris Sergeevich

2009 «Traffic cops» («Гаишники»)
Film 9 «Latest bullet» (adventurous series), principal director Andrey Ivanov, character – Rodichev, CEO of the Holding "KittyKiss"

2009 «Playing house» («Дочки-матери»)
(melodrama), principal director Andrey Selivanov, leading character – Gena

2009-2010 «Efrosinya» («Ефросинья»)
(melodrama/serial), principal directors Maksim Mokrushev, Vladimir Doshchuk, character -Bobrov

2009 «I will survive!»(«Я буду жить!»)
(melodrama), principal director Dmitriy Magonov, character - Mikhail, producer

2009 «Promotion»(«Раскрутка»)
(detective, drama/ 8 series), principal director Egor Anashkin, character - Aleksey Tihonov

2009 «Soldiers-16. Demobilizationis unavoidable» «Солдаты-16. Дембель не избежен»
(serial), principal directors Andrey Golovkov, Fyodor Krasnopyorov, character - Snatcher

2009 «Playingthegame 2.New level» («На игре 2.Новый уровень»)
(adventurous action film), principal director Pavel Sanaev, character - Pokrovskiy

2008 «Two Ladies in Amsterdam» («Две дамы в Амстердаме»)
(comedy), principal director Andrey Tomashevskiy, character – Vrubel

2009 «Playing the game» («На игре»)
(adventurous action film), principal director Pavel Sanaev, character - Pokrovskiy

2009 «Wolf Messing: Who saw through time» («Вольф Мессинг: Видевший сквозь время»)
(biographical, historical film/16 series ), principal directors Vladimir Krasnopolskiy, Valeriy Uskov, character - Erich Ganussen

2009 «LOpuKHI: first episode» («ЛОпуХИ: эпизод первый»)
(comedy), principal director Sarik Andreasyan, leading role–Boss Assistant

2009 «Kromov» («Кромовъ»)
(drama/historical film), principal director Andrey Razenkov, character - Goncharov

2009 «Occasional record» («Случайная запись»)
(adventurous action film), principal director Bata Nedich, character–Vapilov

2009 «Enigma» («Энигма»)
(adventurous series), principal director Marina Rudkevich, role–Tsybin

2009 «Sakurajam. Episode 1: Japanese policeman» («Варенье из сакуры.Эпизод1:Японский городовой»)
(comedy), principal director Rauf Kubaev, role–Creditor

2009 «The Way» («Путь»)
(extremely plot film), principal director Vladimir Pasichnik, character – Man in black

2009 «The Best Movie-2» («Самый лучший фильм-2»)
(movie-parody), principal director Oleg Fomin, role–Gorbunov

2008 «House of the Sun» («Дом Солнца»)
(drama) principal director Garik Sukachev, role–State Security Committee officer

2008 «Сrazy November» («Безумный ноябрь»)
(detective) principal director Roman Shoma, role –Silvestrov

2008 «SirsOfficers: defending an emperor» («Господа офицеры: спасти императора»)
(drama), principal director Oleg Fomin, role – Lozinskiy

2008 «45 sm» («45 см»)
(thriller), principal directors Stanislav Egerev, Sarik Andreasyan, role – Boss

2007 «Nuclear Secrets» («Секреты ядерного оружия»)
(drama/ mini-series) (ВВС, Great Britain), principal directors Chris Bold, Toby Sculthorpe, role -Gribanov

2007 «Two Families» («Две семьи»)
(drama/series) (Italy), principle director Romano Scavolini, role – drug dealer

2007«Yarik» («Ярик»)
(drama), written and directed by Sesil Anri, Alexander Laslo, role – «Buyer»

2007 «Mustang» ( «Мустанг»)
(adventurous action film), written and directed by Sergey Veksler, role – Denisov

2007 «Coming back of Turetskiy» («Возвращение Турецкого»)
(adventurous serial), written and directed by Oleg Shtrom, role - Shumilov

2007 «Battle with shade-2:Revenge» («Бой с тенью-2: Реванш»)
(action film), written and directed by Anton Megerdichev, role–Michael

2007 «Guardian angel» («Ангел- хранитель»)
(melodrama/serial), written and directed by Bata Nedich, role – Ivolgin, lawyer

2006 «Point» («Точка»)
(drama), written and directed by Yuriy Moroz, role – Owner

2006 «Shift» («Сдвиг»)
(action film, thriller), principle directors Anna Kelchevskaya, Vladimir Kilburg, role–Markov

2006 «Hunting the genius» («Охота на гения»)
(criminal detective/16 series), principle director Yuriy Kuzmenko, role – Sergey Butenko, microbiologist

2006 «Space Race» («Битва за космос»)
(feature -documentary film) (BBC/Pervyi Kanal(the First Channel), Great Britain/Russia), (ВВС/ 1-й канал, Великобритания/Россия)
Principle director Mark Everest, role – colonel-general Ivan Serov

2005 «Maleseason.Velvet revolution» («Мужской сезон. Бархатная революция»)
(action film), principal director Oleg Stepchenko, role – Klerk (Clark)

2005 «Committee of State Security in a dinner-jacket» («КГБ в смокинге»)
(action film/16 series), principal director Oleg Fomin , leading part – Matvey Topolev

2005 «Mirror Wars. Specular reflection first» («Зеркальные войны.Отражение первое»)
(action film), principal director Vasiliy Chiginskiy, leading part – mercenary Manfred

2004 «Hopeneverdies» («Надежда уходит последней»)
(melodrama/15 series), principal director Evgeniy Sokolov, role–Sergey

2003 «Murphy’s Law» («Закон подлости»)
(part «The Kiss and Tell»)(drama/serial) (ВВС, Great Britain), written and directed by Colin Bateman, role – Nikolay

2003 «Not a chance!» («Как бы не так»)
(action film, detective), principal director Maksim Pezhemskiy, leading part – Max

2003 «Antikiller 2» («Антикиллер 2»)
(action film), principal director Egor Mikhalkov-Konchalovskiy, role – drug dealer «Pechjonyi»