Театральное агентство Премьера Theatrical Agency "Premiere"

Современный театр антрепризы Modern Theatre of the Enterprise

The modern Theatre of the Enterprise, under the leadership of the producer Albert Moginov, has been existing for more than seven years. Till 2010 the theater had the name "Production Center Oasis". The history of this theater records more than twenty performances where famous and loved by the audience actors took part in.

Актерское агентство 24 Actor's agency 24

We provide professional performers service as consultants, managers and representatives in all types of film, TV and show business projects as well as in mass media in the territory of both Russia and abroad. We cooperate under the contracts signed on an exclusive basis.

Продюсерская компания «Аметист» "Ametist" production company

The Ametist production company was created in 1999 with the assistance of the Moscow drama theater under the leadership of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. The core activity of the company is the performances’ creation and operation with participation of prominent actors of the Russian theater and cinema.

Литературно- просветительский некоммерческий проект «Быть поэтом!»»The literary and educational project "To be the poet!".

The literary and educational project "To be the poet!" is directed on promoting the Russian literature, poetry – everything that is necessary for us in the modern world. The poetry has to sound loudly for everyone to hear it! We try to perpetuate the living Russian word; to make the poetry closer to each person. The project is supported by many Russian cultural figures, actors, directors, poets whose video messages you will be able to see on the project site.



We express special sincere gratitude to Igor Vereshchagin for providing photoworks from Mikhail Gorevoy's Anniversary



We express special sincere gratitude to Anna Gorbacheva for providing photoworks