«When I came back from America I realized that I was a strong spirit man then. In America I was very sad. It seemed to me I`d lost my precious years. I was having a really hard life for 4 years there while my friends were acting in different cooperative movies in Russia. Honestly speaking, it turned out Russian actors had had not so easy living too. I had to live and work in America to learn English and become a man with strong spirit. No doubt, I thank my lucky stars for all my strengths and my English.

Not so much time passed and I managed to find financing to implement my cherished dream. The fact is that for 9 years I was dreaming to act a part in the theatre production of „Of mice and men“. Having read the eponymous story, I was eager to create a theatre performance. I wrote the stage version when I lived in America. Here, in Russia, I realized that nobody`s going to help me, therefore, I should do everything as a stage manager by myself. I was crazy about this performance and every night I was dreaming about my stage stuff. At that time I made my own theatre and the new page of my life began. At present in Moscow you can see the theatre production of „Of mice and men“ but seldom. We really presented „Of mice and men“ in all the republics of the former USSR, near-abroad and far-abroad countries. Of course, I had more theatrical stage performances but „Of mice and men“ became my visiting card. Alexander Baluev and Dmitry Kharatyan still act in the stage version. It was the first role at the theatre stage for Dmitry Kharatyan».

Mikhail Gorevoy

Every time Mikhail has an interview he confesses his special love to the theatre. When he was a teenager he saw the performance «Melody of Warsaw» on the stage of the Hermitage theatre, and he was really infected with that theatre spirit. Beginning with youth actor works Mikhail Gorevoy has become a serious stage manager who has been doing extremely piercing and actual performances on the stage of different Russian theatres for 20 years.

The project Theatre Facts Mill has become a significant project for Mikhail. He allowed to implement the most cherished theatrical ideas and dreams. In 1987 Michail Gorevoy was interested in the tale "Of mice and men «by John Steinbeck. In America Mikhail wrote the stage version, and when he came back to Russia he produced it on the Mossovetstage theatre. His stage performance «Of mice and men» is more than 20 years and it`s the oldest enterprise stuff. In general, Mikhail has created more than 10 serious stage works since that time. Nowadays Mikhail Gorevoy continue doing his active stage manager activity.



V.Krasnogorov «The Bitter Lesson»
P.Gladilin «Photo № 1»


N.Shaposhnikova «The Waiting Room» 
N.Shaposhnikova «Two in One»
N.Shaposhnikova «Roly-Poly`s Ride»
E.Radzinsky «The Latest Don Juan»
I.Gorovits «The Line»
J. Steinbeck"Of Mice and Men"

The characters:


«A Slap in the Face», Y.Olesha, stage manager M.Efremov, character — German

«The Shadow», E.Shvarts, stage manager M.Efremov, Character — Scientist


«Theatre in the time of Nero and Seneca», E.Radzinsky, stage manager A.Goncharov, character — Cupid

«Music Lessons», L.Petrushevskaya, stage manager S.Artsibashev, character — Nikolay

«The Lizard», A.Volodin, stage manager A.Lazarev, character — Snatcher

«Viktoriya», T.Rettigan, stage manager A.Goncharov, character — George

The nominations and awards:

Performance «The Line»:

Theatrical award «Chaika» prize winner in the nomination «Some Like It Hot» for the most audaciousnude scenes management (1999)

Laureate of the International Festival "GIFT«(1999)

Laureate of the Drama Festival «Theatre Square» (2000)