«Theatre as a mentor» — it`s the main Mikhail Gorevoy`s feature! Everyone who comes to see his performances should be ready to do his or her soul activities: to feel, to empathize, to cry, to suffer and to admire. It`s his major stage manage mission and he`s been doing it more than 20 years.

You should visit the theatres to see all his performances, it`s not so good to see Internet video versions, in that case you may lose vibrant feelings of actors works perception and drama fact spirit. At the theatre you feel the magic world, travel to another century and era with all the characters, and you share their theatrical fates with them...

Let`s discuss his stage performance «The Waiting Room» as an example. One day a lost actor, a blind surgeon and a shameless foreigner met. The waiting room is the place where everyone can estimate the ruthless summary of his life. The waiting room is one more opportunity to start a new life. The waiting room is the place where everyone, lived with "And laughter, and tears, and love...«,can meet his own Miracle.

What`s a man life? A dream? A road? A waiting room? We puzzle over the matter «Is there any life after a life on the Earth?» On the other hand, we seldom ask ourselves «What`s a life during our life time?» And maybe we really want to know where we are from and where we are going. We want to know why do we live and why we, and finally, who we are. Who we are for the most dangerous enemy and the most faithful friend in our lives, for ourselves...

The performance «Of Mice and Men» (by John Steinbeckstory) had been best-seller for 20 years. The stage production is based on two main characters — kind-hearted and trustful fellows — the heart warming strongman Lenny and unimprovable romantic George. Unfortunately, they can`t find place in the modern cruel world. The main character of Alexander Baluev is Lenny and he has got his remarkable strength. On the other hand, he`s weak and can`t predict his acts outcomes... He`s trying to adapt himself to this world to find his own happiness.

Thanks to this performance Mikhail Gorevoy has become a well-known stage manager. All the theatre-goers write in their comments that this is exactly he who managed to display Alexander Baluev`s creative potential. It`s the first theatre role for D.Kharatyan. At that time Dmitry was «the distinguished naval kadet of the Russian cinema» and that fact helped Baluev and Kharatyan to have a great tornado of applause after «Of Mice and Men» in 1996. This performance was recognized as the best and the most spectacular theater event of 1996. Lots of people asked Mikhail to make the renewed version of that show. And now «Of Mice and Men» actors often go on tour around Russia, and every city and town give them the full houses.